Terms and conditions


When a customer makes their reservation, they must indicate the category of the vehicle they wish to rent, which will be provided with one of the models included in said requested category, if for any reason the requested vehicle is not available, UEP CARS is responsible and guarantees the delivery of a similar or superior vehicle without any additional charge.


The client signing this rental information confirms that:

  • You have read, understood and accept the general rental terms and conditions (contained in the rental documents). In particular, it confirms that the rental vehicle is in the state indicated in the statement of vehicle status and accepts responsibility for other additional damage or loss of the vehicle, in accordance with the general terms and conditions.
  • You agree to contract the coverage and optional services listed in the charge and pay the total charges and any other sums that arose during the rental, under the terms and conditions. Likewise, you accept that UEP CARS can withhold from your card a sufficient credit up to the amount of the total charges, as well as charge any amounts owed by the client, which may result from the contractual relationship granted in this act.


  • The price includes rent, compulsory insurance with € 700 franchise (check insurance) and VAT.
  • Mileage is unlimited.
  • Does not include: extras (see extras), fuel and fines.


  • Requirements for car delivery: The D.N.I. will be required. or original passport, original driver’s license and credit card.
  • Cancellation policy: There are no cancellation fees until 48 hours before pick-up. If canceled within 48 hours prior to the collection of the vehicle, you must pay 100%.
  • Gasoline Policy: UEP CARS charges absolutely nothing for fuel, we deliver the vehicle with a full tank and the customer returns it with a full tank. If it is not possible to refuel and return the vehicle with less fuel, you must notify the company personnel before leaving the premises and pay the corresponding amount.


  • 1/4 fuel tank: € 18 VAT incl.
  • 1/2 fuel tank: € 36 VAT incl.
  • 3/4 fuel tank : € 54 VAT incl.
  • 4/4 fuel tank: € 72 VAT incl.
  • In any case that the vehicle suffered a breakdown due to erroneous fuel, the customer must pay the expenses that could be caused, such as: Emptying the tank, any possible breakdown, filling the correct fuel, and travel (€ 0.50 VAT incl. per kilometer round trip).


In addition to Simple insurance, you have Premium insurance (in no case mandatory), which costs € 6,00 per day VAT incl. and that includes (tires and tires, vehicle windows and mirrors).

You should keep in mind that although hiring our Premium insurance even if it is a (all-risk insurance), it has some exclusions:

  • Fuel refueling wrong.
  • Loss or breakage of keys (in case of not contracting the extra rate of loss of keys).
  • Possible damages caused by driving in poorly paved areas.
  • Possible damage due to misuse of the clutch.
  • Possible damage caused inside the vehicle (burns, holes, etc.).
  • Possible damage to vehicle locks.
  • Possible damage, loss or subtraction of the vehicle (antenna, windshield wiper blades, gps, child seats, tray, triangles, vests, fuel tank cap, etc.).


  • Second driver: € 4 per day VAT incl. up to a maximum of € 60 VAT incl.
  • Novel conductor: up to 25 years, € 5 per day VAT incl. up to a maximum of € 75 VAT incl.
  • Loss of keys: € 11 per day VAT incl. up to a maximum of € 110 VAT incl.
  • G.P.S.: € 4 per day VAT incl. up to a maximum of € 75 VAT incl.
  • Stroller: € 5 per day VAT incl. up to a maximum of € 75 VAT incl.
  • Stroller “maxicosi”: € 5 per day VAT incl. up to a maximum of € 75 VAT incl.
  • Baby chair: € 4 per day VAT incl. up to a maximum of € 75 VAT incl.
  • Child lift: € 3 per day VAT incl. up to a maximum of € 75 VAT incl.
  • Extra hour: If the vehicle is returned later than the time stipulated in the contract, you will be charged € 8 VAT incl. for each additional hour or fraction of an hour.
  • Comprehensive insurance: € 6 per day VAT incl. (includes tires and tires, moons, and mirrors)
  • Collection of the vehicle at the airport: € 10 VAT incl.


  • Possible breakage or loss of GPS: € 200 VAT incl.
  • Possible breakage or loss of child seats: € 200 VAT incl.
  • Possible breakage or loss of child lifts: 100 VAT incl.
  • Possible breakage or loss of strollers: € 200 VAT incl.
  • Possible breakage or loss of strollers “maxicosi”: € 250 VAT incl.
  • Vehicle with extreme dirt: € 75 VAT incl.
  • Penalty for taking the vehicle out of Mallorca: € 1,500 VAT incl.
  • Fines management fee: € 40 VAT incl. for each management (in no case includes the payment of the penalty).
  • Possible return of a vehicle in a wrong place: € 60 VAT incl.
  • Possible abandonment of a vehicle: € 150 VAT incl.
  • Possible roadside assistance not covered: € 0.50 VAT incl. per kilometer
  • Smoking inside a vehicle: € 100 VAT incl.
  • Possible need for a crane:
    • From 0 to 20 km: € 85 VAT incl.
    • From 21 to 45 km: € 115 VAT incl.
    • From 46 to 95 km: € 185 VAT incl.
    • 95 to 155 km: € 245 VAT incl.


With the signing of the rental agreement, the lessee authorizes UEP CARS so that it can load on the credit card of the lessee the extra items that may be incurred due to the misuse of the vehicle, such as traffic fines, damages not covered by insurance, extra days, damage caused to the vehicle by driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages or narcotics, damage caused by an unauthorized driver, etc.


The lessee of the vehicle undertakes not to perform the following acts:

  • Transport dangerous goods or heavy materials.
  • Transport more passengers than allowed by the vehicle’s technical data sheet.
  • Let anyone who is not expressly authorized in the contract drive.


In case of loss of keys the customer must pay the cost of the same, if we must also take them where the vehicle is, you will have to pay € 0.50 VAT incl. per kilometer round trip. In case of contracting the extra loss of keys the client will not have to pay anything.


Theft of objects inside the leased vehicle is not covered by any type of insurance, so it is recommended not to leave valuables in sight. Likewise, in the event of a loss due to theft of objects inside, the insurance does not cover the damages caused to the vehicle, other than those that were expressly contracted by the lessee of the vehicle.

UEP CARS is not responsible for objects that could be forgotten inside the vehicle, so it is recommended to check it thoroughly before proceeding with its return.


In case of return of the vehicle and cancellation of the contract before the expected date of termination, no money will be returned for the remaining days.


Central office: In case of picking up the vehicle at our central office of can picafort, you must return the vehicle to that office. The enclosure is always open, if no one of the staff is found, you must park the vehicle inside the enclosure and deposit the vehicle keys inside the mailbox.

Hotel: In case of picking up the vehicle at your hotel, you must return the vehicle in it, you can deposit the keys inside the vehicle’s glove compartment and our operators will pick you up as soon as possible.

Airport: For pick-up, one of our operators is waiting for you at the airport arrivals terminal with a sign that bears your name, in case all our operators are busy, you must leave the arrivals terminal and cross the street until you reach the PARKING building, once you are in the PARKING building you must go up to the 4th FLOOR (Take the elevator), our operators will be waiting for you next to the elevator. Before collecting the vehicle you must pay the parking at the ATMs, you must pay a maximum of € 10.

The return will be made in the same PARKING building, on the 3rd FLOOR, usually in the same place where you picked up the vehicle, to get to the PARKING you must take the terminal / arrivals indications, NEVER the car rental returns . You must deposit the keys together with the parking ticket inside the vehicle’s glove compartment, our operators will be responsible for collecting the keys and the ticket.

The return of the vehicle will always be made in the same place where it was hired, to be able to return the vehicle in another place you should consult it with our operators and face the possible costs:

  • From 0 to 15 km: € 20 VAT incl.
  • From 16 to 25 km: € 30 VAT incl.
  • From 26 to 35 km: € 40 VAT incl.
  • From 36 to 45 km: € 50 VAT incl.
  • From 46 to 55 km: € 55 VAT incl.
  • Of 56 or more km: € 65 VAT incl.


  • Deliveries from 08: 00h to 22: 00h: NO CHARGE.
  • Deliveries from 06: 00h to 07: 59h: € 30.00 VAT incl.
  • Deliveries from 00: 00h to 05: 59h: € 50.00 VAT incl.
  • Deliveries from 22: 01h to 23: 59h: € 30.00 VAT incl.
  • Deliveries from 00: 00h to 05: 59h: € 50.00 VAT incl.
  • Returns from 08: 00h to 22: 00h: NO CHARGE.
  • Returns from 06: 00h to 07: 59h: € 20.00 VAT
  • Returns from 22: 01h to 00: 59h: € 20.00 VAT incl.
  • Returns from 01: 00h to 05: 59h: € 25.00 VAT incl.